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Lil solid is the new entrant in the world of smoking heets sticks. Experts say that it could be termed as the ‘little sibling’ of IQOS. The device is not as popular as IQOS, but it is touted as the future of smoking heets sticks. You can conveniently buy the Lil solid black device from a reputed and reliable online store in UAE, at a competitively offered price. But, the big question is – what is it actually? How does it function and what are its specific attributes? The blog tries its best to concisely answer all such questions, piquing your interest.

The Concept on Which It Works

If you are wondering about the basic concept on which the device works, then there is no real surprise for you. It works on the same advanced concept of heating the tobacco, and not burning it, when you smoke heets sticks. The gradual heating brings out the best flavors from the tobacco, rendering a terrific sensation of fulfilment.

What is Lil Solid Design - bostonmarathon2020live.com

The Design

The design of the device is like a smooth, narrow cylinder. It has a great finish. The sleek appearance of the device makes it more attractive to the youth.

The Heating Blade Is Round

The device has a heating blade integrated inside its body. It is completely safe to use. When you use the device, the blade begins to operate, heating the tobacco of the heets sticks. The heating equipment of an IQOS device resembles a needle. But here, the blade is roundish.

Metallic Heating Blade

The chief difference of the heating blade in this device when compared to the IQOS is not in its shape, but in terms of material with which it is manufactured. In an IQOS device, the heating blade is completely built of ceramic. In this case, the blade is fully metallic.

What is Lil Solid Blade Design - bostonmarathon2020live.com

Very Portable

Any given day, the device can compete against IQOS in terms of portability. You would really love to carry it to any location. The smart appearance and ‘easy to handle’ attributes of the device make it immensely functional in all types of environments.

The Port for Charging Is at The Bottom

At the bottom of the device, you would see its charging port. But the port is not type-C.

Has an Indicator

The device does have a nice indicator. It also has a button on its body.

Only Aerosol Is Produced

Just like IQOS, the device does not produce ash or smoke. It only produces aerosol particles.

Buy Different Varieties

You can purchase different varieties of this device, such as Lil solid white and Lil solid blue.

What is Lil Solid - bostonmarathon2020live.com

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