Beginners Guide to Using IQOS 3 Duo -

When you are aware of exploiting each and every feature of the IQOS 3 duo optimally, you can enjoy the activity of smoking heets to the fullest extent. The device is very popular among residents of UAE. You can simply purchase it online from a good, trusted website that has several months experience of selling it. You might like to buy the IQOS 3 duo kit warm white as it has excellent aesthetic standards, besides terrific utility. It would be rational to follow a set of guidelines in order to learn using this device correctly. Read on.

What’s the Actual Functionality of The Device?

Before you learn about the usage, it is essential to know regarding the exact work for which the device is used. It is basically used to smoke heets sticks, by heating the tobacco of the heets. Note – the tobacco is not burnt but gradually heated.

Beginners Guide to Using IQOS 3 Duo Heating -

What Are the Components/Accessories You Receive?

When you purchase a box set of IQOS devices, along with supportive accessories, you get a host of equipment. Firstly, you receive a holder, which is the main device. Secondly, you get a pocket charger along with the holder. You also get a strong power adaptor. There is a charging cable in the box, too. The package also has a cleaning tool and a set of cleaning sticks to keep your IQOS device tidy.

Charging the Holder

Initially, you need to put the button on the charger. After that, you must adjust the holder inside the charger, and let it get charged suitably. There is an indicator or status light, which tells about the charge level of the holder. When you notice that the battery level is full, you can take out the holder from the charger.

Insert the Tobacco Stick

When you insert the tobacco stick, keep in mind that it remains in the line of filter. Moreover, the filter should face outside.

Beginners Guide to Using IQOS 3 Duo Functionality -

Start the Heating Process

You have to press the holder button and start heating the tobacco in the heets stick. When the holder will vibrate, you would know that the process is over, as indicated by a light.

Begin Using

When the holder vibrates twice, you can simply start using IQOS 3 duo kit velvet grey.

When It Is Nearly Complete

The holder will again vibrate twice when there are 2 puffs remaining.

Remove the Tobacco Stick

After you have smoked the heets stick, you need to remove/clean-off the heated tobacco from the device.

Beginners Guide to Using IQOS 3 Duo -

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